Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Japan (As of May/2020)  (2)

Vehicles that run by hydrogen as fuel are called fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

The Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) supplies hydrogen to the fuel cell vehicle (FCV).

Our company have developed O-rings for high pressure hydrogen. Nowadays, it is used in many hydrogen stations in Japan and its usage is spreading.

This time, let us explain about the hydrogen station.

〇 Off-Site hydrogen station

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Amagasaki Hydrogen Station 


This is the "hydrogen station Amagasaki (Hyogo)" operated by Iwatani Corporation, Japan's first commercial hydrogen station (offsite type) opened in 2014.

This hydrogen station vaporizes liquefied hydrogen stored in the hydrogen tank and supplies hydrogen.


The hydrogen dispenser can be seen on the center, and the hydrogen compressor and accumulator are behind of it.



○ Mobile hydrogen station


The mobile hydrogen station is equipped all the devices in one container vehicle.

The features are that it is the minimum required equipment, so that the cost can be kept low and that it can be moved wide area.

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Mobile hydrogen station


As of May 2020, 129 commercial hydrogen stations are in operation (of which 39 are mobile).


Click here for more information (JHyM, Japan Hydrogen Station Network Joint Company).