Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Japan (As of May/2020)  (1)

Vehicles that run by hydrogen as fuel are called fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

The Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) supplies hydrogen to the fuel cell vehicle (FCV).

Our company have developed O-rings for high pressure hydrogen. Nowadays, it is used in many hydrogen stations in Japan and its usage is spreading.
This time, let us explain about the hydrogen station.

○ Hydrogen station's configuration

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HRS diagram

The hydrogen station mainly consists of devices such as hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen compressor, accumulator, and dispenser.

It is divided into "on-site type" and "off-site type" in terms of how to provide hydrogen.


Image titleThe "on-site type" reforms city gas and LPG to hydrogen (at the hydrogen station).


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The “off-site type” provides hydrogen produced outside the hydrogen station to be carried by a trailer.


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There is also a “mobile hydrogen station,” which is equipped all the devices in one container.

(Drawings are quoted from the JHyM website)