ISO9001 annual audit

Last week we had the annual audit of ISO9001.

Image titleISO9001 is an international certification standard related to quality management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization, and it is a "guideline for building a system to provide products and services that satisfy customers."

This time, we had a regular examination once a year to examine whether the company's structure is continuously improved and whether PDCA is properly running in each department.

It has been 14 years since we introduced ISO9001 in 2007 (Osaka Headquarter Factory). At the beginning of the certification, the main examination was to check whether the work was in line with the latest version management and quality manual. But as the year passed, the audit have turned to see if the company goal is shared and the activities are going on the same direction from the top management to every person of the company, and also to see if it is operated effectively.

It was checked if the PDCA cycle of the company have been running and continuous improvement have been made so that the goal can be achieved. The auditors also examined emphasizing "Is ISO9001 actually useful for work?"

There was no non-conformance in this audit.

We would like to continue to use it well as a tool to meet the needs of customers and improve the company.