What is our strength?

If we express in one word what our strengh is, it's "Elastic."

"Elastic", it's not just because we are rubber manufacturer, but our way of company.

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Our core competence is about rubber sealings, it won't be change for the future.

We have over 70 years experience of the company history,  a lot of knowledge of rubber materials and products.

In the industry of gases, water, air, We have made so many precise sealing products, like O-rings, gaskets, packings... 

And we are still a "young" R&D oriented company. 

We are very active about new R&D, which mainly comes from customer's side. We are very friendly and flexible about costomer's voice, which needs help for the new developement, new improvement.

One of the fruit of the costmer's voice is the O-rings for sealing high pressure hydrogen. It took a few years for developemant, a long term, and during the way there ware many obstacles, but we didn't give up and we made it.  

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What made us so, it's "elastic"!!